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To join WG EP?

WG EP (WORKING GROUP EVENT PLANNERS) deals with the following tasks:

  • Development of event strategies

    • Event strategies for fundraising

    • Event strategies for scholarship and internship programs

    • Event strategies for Erasmus+

    • Everyday event strategies for association (social meetings, anniversary etc.)

    • Strategies for team support (birthdays, important occasions, holidays etc.)

  • Cost calculation for the implementation of the event strategies

  • Implementation of the strategies

    • Topic Selection

    • Set place & date

    • Specification of materials and technology

    • Event promotion

    • Creation of the invitation list

To join WG PR?

WG PR (WORKING GROUP PUBLIC RELATIONS) deals with the following tasks:

  • Development of marketing strategies

    • Specification of the necessary and effective promotional materials (flyers, banners, T-shirts, pens, cups, etc.)

    • Research of effective thematic promotional spaces (websites, newspapers, television programmes, radio etc.)

    • Planning the video shoots

  • Development of social media strategies
    • Development of the Facebook strategy

    • Development of the LinkendIn strategy

    • Development of the Youtube strategy

    • Development of the Instagram strategy

    • Development of the Twitter strategy

  • Cost calculation for effective strategies 

  • Implementation of the strategies
    • Design of promotional materials
    • Photo and video shooting
    • Texts preparation for posts and articles
    • Communication with interested persons via social media

To join WG FR?

WG FR (WORKING GROUP FUND-RAISING) deals with the following tasks:

  • Research of the grant programmes (calls for proposals from foundations, the state, the EU etc.)

    • Listing potential calls for proposals

  • Research of the sponsors

    • Listing potential sponsors

  • Research of the effective support campaigns (Amazon Smile, education donors etc.)

    • Listing the support campaigns

  • Preparation and application

    • Review of the requirements and deadlines

    • Preparation of the documents

    • Text preparation

    • Development of the e-mail campaigns

To join WG SP?

WG SP (WORKING GROUP SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMMES) deals with the following tasks:

  • Determination of the requirements of the curriculum and the internship

  • Definition of the tasks of the scholarship holders

  • Supervision of scholarship holders and trainees

    • Meeting and accompanying on arrival and departure

    • Preparing the Welcome Package

    • Support in the processing of bureaucratic matters

    • Support in understanding and enrolling in the learning events

    • Support for the application process

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