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Who Are We?

We are a highly transparent association founded in Berlin in 2000. We operate worldwide, but our priority is mainly in Europe, which stretches from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Our team is multicultural and creative. It brings together dedicated people with the same vision.

Our Idea
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In the XVI century the scientist Nicolaus Copernicus described the heliocentric world vision in details.  This fundamental discovery was the reason why our association has carried the honorary name of Copernicus since 2000. Just as in his cosmos model the planets rotate around the sun, everything at COPERNICUS BERLIN revolves around the promotion of a sustainable world. We carry this idea to the outside world both with our logo and with our goals and tasks. 

Heliocentric world view has also strongly influenced our internal philosophy, therefore everyone at COPERNICUS BERLIN is an important part of our democratically structured association, at the same time they move autonomously towards the same idea. For decades, COPERNICUS BERLIN has inspired young people and adults all over Europe. In turn, they spread our idea and philosophy worldwide.

Our Goal

COPERNICUS BERLIN pursues with its various national and international programmes and projects the goal of ensuring equal access to high-quality vocational and university education, enabling decent work or entrepreneurship and intensifying cultural exchange. Our goal also includes providing young people and adults with technical and vocational qualifications through seminars, training, workshops and internship programmes. 

The dissemination of the German language also plays an important role for us. COPERNICUS BERLIN specifically develops new methods and instruments for the fast integration of immigrants in German society. 

Our Task

Since 2000, COPERNICUS BERLIN has been striving to create a sustainable future, which is why we are building a Europe-wide network of ambitious people. We also want to eliminate the social inequalities between the developed West and the developing East.

Among the important tasks are also the generation and development of new ideas that will contribute to a tolerant society, symmetrical democratization and sustainable economy in the long run. 

COPERNICUS BERLIN attaches great importance to attracting dedicated people who share our association philosophy and want to contribute to the realization of our ideas.

Our Values


We are constantly working to strengthen our innovative and creative association culture. Our team is doing its best to provide high-quality education. We also highly value practice-oriented learning and therefore the creation of new perspectives for the conveyance of professional skills is part of our agenda.



We connect people worldwide and create an exchange platform that bridges East and West. Our activities focus on the meeting of generations and dialogue between experts and interested parties. In this way we act as a mediator for networking between the public, private sectors and the civil society.



We attach great importance to equal opportunities in education. Through our diverse programs we want to promote tolerance in society. Every person should be respected. Our association is also democratically structured, where every vote counts.



We strive to be open to different cultures. Intercultural communication plays an essential role in our work. Our team is constantly learning new cultures and languages and through the new methods is able to both communicate and promote fast integration in a new environment.



We are a strong team of ambitious and determined individuals. We have a clear vision of how we can change the world positively. This idea and our values hold us together. We are enthusiastic about our work and we want to inspire others to take the initiative to make a difference.

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