Executive Board and Management

Davit Budaghyan

Managing Director

Political economist, social entrepreneur. Davit is the IMPULSE of the TEAM. It is important to him to motivate the team and to spread the mission of the association. 


Laura Weber

Head of International Cooperation

Communication expert and press officer.  Laura is the NETWORK of the TEAM. She establishes new and maintains existing international relations.


Amir Sabri

Head of Marketing and Fundraising

Economist, experienced account manager. Amir is the GROWTH of the TEAM. He networks with current and potential partners to ensure financial stability. 


Haofei Wang

Head of Finance and Operations

Economist, experienced accountant. Haofei is the OPERATION of the TEAM. He is responsible for the financial process and control.

Darya Skibbe.jpg

Darya Skibbe

Head of HR

Recruiter and trainer. Darya is the PROGRESS of the TEAM. She is dedicated to the prosperity and networking of the team members.


Carolin Rivera

Head of Programs

Public administration scientist and office administrator. Carolin is the STABILITY of the TEAM. She manages association projects and programs.


Sophia Freud

Project coordinator

Martin Rüdiger

Program Officer

Konstantin Runcev

Project designer

Narine Nahapetyan

Projekt coordinator

Mariya Kučerová

Online Marketing

Julia Khorosheva

Projekt controller

Aleksandrs Posts

Project designer

Eka Margvelashvili

Projekt coordinator

Anna Engels

IES Program officer

Avazbek Ergashev


Weronika Marzec

Project designer

Galdino Marino

Projekt coordinator