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So you can support us

Copernicus Berlin is a member of educational donor. Numerous companies (including Deutsche Bahn, ebay, OTTO, IKEA) transfer a small donation to us if you buy through the Bildungsspender. This means that you do not incur any additional costs when purchasing and Copernicus Berlin receives support at the same time.

Copernicus Berlin is a member ofAmazon Smile. If you above ourSmile Amazon buttongo to the Amazon page and shopping, then Amazon will transfer a small donation to Copernicus Berlin at no additional cost to you.



Supporting members pay an annual fee of 100€ or more and thus receive the right to submit applications and advice at the general meeting. If you are interested in supporting membership, you can contact us ( and get more information.


You also have the option of taking on the sponsorship for a specific scholarship holder. This means that you are more involved in the application process and the work of the association. This is particularly advantageous if you would like to sponsor students from certain countries and with certain subjects. However, final decisions about applicants remain with the club so that we can adhere to our guidelines. If you are interested in specific funding for specific scholarship holders, please contact us  (! 

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