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COPERNICUS BERLIN is looking for talents worldwide. Everyone has some talent and is welcome to present it.


Whether dancing or singing, painting or cooking, performing magic or acrobatics, entertaining or acting, every talent is unique.


Discover your talent and make your dreams come true! So don't miss your chance and apply now!



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There are many talented young people all over the world. Very often they do not realize their talent, they underestimate their own capabilities, fear to present themselves in front of the audience.

The project "Discover your talent" was created in order to discover your own talent, to trust your own capabilities and to present yourself with self-confidence.

Successful in life is the one who unleashes his or her potential. 

"Discover Your Talent" encourages, supports and promotes talented people to look inside themselves and be aware of their own talent.

Talent recognizes no borders, therefore young people from all over the world are welcome. The project gives an opportunity to reach new levels, to better shape their own future.




The "Discover Your Talent" contest takes place online. Anyone who meets the requirements may participate. Each participant should record a video. On the video you should present your talent: you can dance, sing, show acrobatics, play an instrument, cook, do magic, entertain, paint, perform as an actor, etc.

External jury will evaluate the performances and the selected videos will be uploaded on the Youtube channel of COPERNICUS BERLIN. There will be an online LIKE-voting. The three videos with the most LIKES will win 


1) Have talent (dance, sing, cook, paint, do magic, entertain, show acrobatics, etc...);

2) Not younger than 14 and not older than 40 years old;

3) Applicants from all countries are welcome;

4) One-shot video without editing;

5) Video should not be longer than 5 Minutes;

6) Video should be recorded no earlier than March 1, 2021;

7) Maximum two people can perform;

8) Performer should be seen completely on screen;

9) Videos should not contain any kind of violence;


Application Process

1) Apply through the online application form.

Fill out our application form and add the link of Google Drive/Dropbox/WeTransfer with your video.

Application period: March 1 - April 30, 2021

2) Announcement of the selected videos.

External jury will evaluate each performance and the selected videos will be uploaded on the Youtube channel of COPERNICUS BERLIN. Selected candidates will be informed by email.

Selection period: May 1 - May 31, 2021

3) Youtube voting with LIKE 👍.

All published videos on Youtube will be opened for the LIKE-voting. The video with the most LIKES 👍 will be the winner. Only LIKES will be counted.

Voting period: June 1 - Juli 31, 2021

The winners of the contest will be the three most liked performances.

1) The first place winner will be awarded a one-week trip to Berlin in September. The trip will be completely funded by COPERNICUS BERLIN.

2) The winner of the second place will receive a voucher for an online language course.

3) The winner of the third place will receive a T-shirt, cap and cup with CPERNICUS BERN logo.


Talent Show Logo.png
Talent Show Logo.png
Talent Show Logo.png
Talent Show Logo.png
Talent Show Logo.png
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