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Training course
Passion for Volunteering

dates: 21.08 - 09/29/2022

Place: Saulkrasti, Latvia

Venue: Minhauzena Unda

Description: By volunteering, individuals acquire incredible expertise, learn about different know-how and innovative skills. Anyway, in several cases, skills and experiences gained through volunteering activities and events, not always decently credited and identified. Enhancement of skills through volunteering can be utilized for expansion of employment rate of individuals or for personnel growth, but this opportunity is rarely used. Occasions and activities of non-governmental organizations usually stay on the participation of volunteers and youngsters who want to invest their time, energy, passion and initiative.

When it is well accomplished, volunteering is a success for all engaged stakeholders, including:

  • volunteers gain soft and hard skills fostering qualification and self-confidence for the labor industry;

  • non-governmental organizations obtain extra performances and support, that wouldn't be achievable without the volunteers' dedication and loyalty;

  • as well as local community get perks in many different ways associated with the particular activities performed by the volunteer.

Non-governmental organizations from the EU engaging in this project designed a partnership to find a solution on how to perform voluntary work more effectively on national and European level. Even if volunteers are happily involved in civil society projects, or even their foremost power and leading implementers, very often these emphatic and positive examples don't approach a broader audience because visibility measures for promoting these success stories are not in the place or only have restricted reach. The overall purpose of this partnership is to emphasize the significance of volunteering as a successful gateway for skills improvement and into employment. It should be declared that in our communities there is undergoing a political transformation process directed to progress to more democratic communities based on social responsibility and active citizenship and positive examples of active participation and energetic and committed individuals is necessary.


Therefore, the objectives of "Passion for Volunteering" are to:

  • Conceptualize with the project partners their approaches to volunteering in their work context;

  • Foster individual and organizational competences in planning, implementing, mentoring and evaluating local and international volunteering projects;

  • Develop organizational solution for inclusion of young people in volunteering projects;

  • Develop organizational schedule and strategy for the most indispensable moves in volunteering projects.

Working language: English

cost:Travel expenses from will be reimbursed up to a maximum of EUR 275.

Accomodation: The accommodation costs are covered. During the days of the training course participants will be accommodated in 3-/2-bed rooms in Hotel Minhauzena Unda.3 times meal per day is also included. 


Travel: You can also stay 2 days longer or arrive 2 days earlier and explore the area at your own expense. 

Registration is open until7th of Aug


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