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Ukrainian Group about "NEET to work"

Interview of Robert Arshakian from Ukraine after the Training Course "NEET to work" in Yerevan


The project of “NEET to Work” was wonderful and very productive. This camp

and especially the topic of it are definitely very acute, up-to-date and

significant in terms of successful development of the society. I liked the way it

was organized by the team of Copernicus Berlin, meaning different people

from different countries being together, participation in various activities, the

way the classes were conducted and the topics that were discussed.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning the opportunity to speak during the classes

for everyone, thus practicing English and expressing his or her own opinion. I

realized the importance of this issue in the modern societies. Our task is to

deliver the idea to other people and facilitate as far as possible the resolution

of this problem of people not being in work, education or training.

In my opinion, NGOs, the government and businesses have to provide

youngsters with opportunities for professional growth and the task of the youth

is to seize them. Nevertheless, we have to promote the concept of NEET into

the society, so that people will realize the importance of it, making the

difference in their countries.

Actually, a number of significant things have been learned during the camp,

however, considering the most important one I can state that it was realization

of your own abilities and inner power to change the situation for the better.

Everybody can contribute to the development of the society, not just relying on

the government or organizations. As a result, we have to stay strong and

implement different projects or training to resolve the issue. I will tell my

friends, relatives and peers the importance of the issue and implications of it

for the society, also by promoting different projects and training to

them,because only by discussing it and raising the topic of it we can obtain the

desirable reaction.

I am grateful to you for this opportunity. I look forward to the next training and

internships. Thank you for the attention!

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